Optimizing WordPress post titles

Optimizing WordPress post titles

You should be aware of the importance a site or page’s title plays in Search Engine Optimization. By default, WordPress displays the title of your blog posts in the format:
Site Name » Post Name

This post would be displayed with the title:
CSS Button » Optimizing WordPress post titles.

This is fine if you aren’t too concerned about SEO, or your site is named Apple and ranks top for it, but otherwise, you’ll be like the thousands of other sites out there. To set yourself apart, you’ll need to experiment and optimize WordPress a little, especially the title.

All in One SEO is one of my favorite plugins for WordPress. It runs a number of optimizations on your site and most importantly, it switches your site’s name with your post’s name, so your title is displayed in the format:
Post Name | Site Name

So this post would now look like:
Optimizing WordPress post titles | CSS Button

This is a lot better than the WordPress default, since now, the most important keywords are in the beginning of the title. But there’s still a lot more you can do.

Your site’s name is usually something unique and you should already be ranked pretty highly for that (try searching for “css button”). However, what’s the point of adding that baggage to your wonderful posts? You want your post to stand out and removing the site’s name will definitely help focus on your current topic. Something pretty simple to do with the All in One SEO plugin.

In your admin panel, under the Settings menu, click All in One SEO. The field Post Title Format: should contain:
%post_title% | %blog_title%

Change this to just:

That should do it. Wait and see what it does to your search engine ranking. It will also help your titles on social media such as Facebook and Digg.

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