Content is King

Just in case you haven’t heard. If you want your website to succeed online, Content is King. Search engines rank you based on originality. Adsense will display advertisements based on your content. And users will stick with you as long as you provide interesting, relevant and original content.

So don’t try to find a shortcut and copy and paste the data from other sites (especially not from Wikipedia). Write/create new content yourself that people will love.

Choosing the type of content is another thing you have to keep in mind. Certain topics are searched more and also provide better returns in terms of advertisements. Others may be interesting to you, but not to your would-be readers.

One way is to find the most searched terms and base your content around that.

Looking at Google’s Hot Trends page, you can see that Steve Perry and other terms related to entertainment are the most searched items at the moment. You might want to write about that.

In the long run however, posts on technical subjects often get the most hits. Any ads that you run on such posts also tend to be worth more so a post on say optimized network routing could be a lot better than my cat throwing up (then again, a funny video of a cat throwing up could become viral on Youtube and earn you lots of money and fame).

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